Davao Heritage Walking Tour with The Travel Teller

Want to walk through Davao's rich history? The Travel Teller's Davao Heritage Walk is a way to learn and appreciate the colorful history of the city where the new President of the Philippines hails from.

If Cebu has Magallen and Lapu-lapu, Davao City has Uyanguren and Datu Bago. Do you know these two? Of the many national historical markers installed by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines in the many parts of the country, only 6 can be found in Davao region. 4 of these are found in Davao City. Can you name them?

JOIN THE FUN DISCOVERING THE RICH HISTORY OF DAVAO CITY through The Travel teller's Heritage Walking Tour.

Form a group. Buzz me up. Maglakad tayo sa makulay na kasaysayan ng Lungsod ng Dabaw


This year’s Indak-indak Sa Kadalanan of the 31st Kadayawan sa Dabaw paid tribute to the wealth and diversity of culture, abundance harvest, protection of the environment, and peaceful and harmonious coexistence between the indigenous and migrant people of Davao.

How To Become A Travel Blogger

Being a travel blogger must seem like a dream occupation. You get to go all around the world, visiting popular holiday locations and exploring far-flung corners of the planet that few people have ever visited. You get to do your work while sitting on a sun-kissed beach, or on top of a remote mountain, or in some amazing little bar that serves the best drinks, most of which you've never heard of.

For most travel bloggers, their site is a hobby and a way to share their enthusiasm. But a select few do manage to earn a living from their travel blog. To do this requires dedication, commitment, talent and hard work. But whichever route you take with your blog, these handy tips will help you to get started.