Whenever I travel, I make sure to wear clothes and apparels that are comfortable and that I can go anywhere without worrying the uneasiness of what I wear. In fact, I only bring those clothes and footwear that can give ultimate comfort while walking or running around places that I visit even for hours.
When it comes to clothes, I always prefer wearing comfortable cotton tees – soft and fresh looking. Whenever I venture into climbing, I would prefer dry-fit shirts because, men, I sweat a lot. Top tanks are cool too. The only thing is there are places where top tanks are not allowed. But I always bring top tanks with me whenever I travel.

I prefer wearing comfortable shorts at all times. Make me more comfortable and always on the go when I am on the road. For long pants, I go for string pants for more comfort. But long pants are necessary when you travel because there are also places where short pants are not allowed like temples, churches and mosques.

Good pair of footwear is very important when traveling. But back in the old days, whenever I travel, I travel in slippers or sandals. My feet ae sweaty too so slippers are best for me. But today, there are good shoes that are best for sweaty feet. Owning good ones is a must. I never realized how important it is to have durable and comfortable footwear when traveling until I lost my best pair while on a trip. So now, whenever I pack my bag, I make sure to include a good pair of shoes that are not only comfortable but one that will not wear and tear easily. They are the kind of shoes that can survive long walks on rough terrains and crazy rock-climbing expeditions. But o course, It wouldn’t hurt if the shoes looked cool and stylish as well. I found that Zalora has a neat selection of sports shoes for men. Guess will be investing more good pair soon with them!

For bags or luggage, I always prefer backpacks. It makes me more on the go as they are easy to carry. I also bring one sling bag for me I can use as day-bag.

There you go. These are my tips in traveling with comfort.

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Your bit regarding the appropriate piece of clothing in different venues is badly needed. There are some tourists who are disrespectful with other cultures when it comes to the appropriate clothing. We must always remember we are given the privilege to visit their country and we must act fittingly.

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It seems I'm on the right track, I hope I can do well. The result was something I did and was doing to implement it.