Sharing a long history with Davao City, Apo View Hotel is well within walking distance of many of the city’s cultural and historical attractions. Its 65 years of being in a strategic location, combined with the hotel’s knowledgeable veteran staff members, many of whom are locals, positions the hotel as an expert on the authentic Davao experience. Taking advantage of this edge, the hotel is launching a customized city map that invites visitors to “set off on Davao adventures” using the Apo View Hotel as their starting point.

The Apo View Hotel map is a colorful and insightful guide containing insider tips and information on the many things to enjoy near the hotel’s location. For instance, even locals might be surprised to know that one can get a quick massage for a little under Php 100 at Rizal Park. Malagos Farms may be famous for their artisan cheeses, but a little known fact is their chocolates sold at the nearby Pasalubong Center are just as exquisite. The map also suggests checking out the regular free screenings of top notch local and foreign films at the Cinematheque Davao, which is just a five-minute walk from the hotel.

The map is designed to be fun and easy to use, with whimsical illustrations depicting highlighted points of interest. The map also includes helpful information on distance, walking times, and estimated taxi and jeepney fares for trips requiring a short ride.

The full-blown campaign has already been set in motion, with a print ad published in a widely read in-flight magazine, a series of radio ads chronicling a hotel guest’s trips to various Davao attractions, and updates on Apo View Hotel’s Facebook page to encourage people to discover the many sides of Davao, especially its vibrant downtown district.

Apo View Hotel is located at 150 J. Camus Street, Davao City. For more information, please call (+63 82) 221-6430 or visit www.apoview.com. Apo View Hotel may also be found on www.facebook.com/TheApoViewHotel.

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