This little soul is one of the survivors of Super Typhoon Pablo that had ravaged my hometown of Cateel and the lives of my townmates including this little beauty. Thousands of our people including this innocent child suffered not only the agonizing physical pain but such dreadful emotional and psychological distress that until now haunt them.

Her sorrowful experience dealing with this deadliest catastrophe will forever live in her memory but I pray, I sincerely pray that it will make her stronger and tougher to deal the many storms she will be facing in her lifetime.

God bless the children!

A World of Constant Change

I'm living in a world of constant change. There are ups and downs, high and low. I get hurt. I stumble and fall. Just like everyone, I feel so empty at times - it is the only thing that makes me cry. Dealing with it is dreadfully hard. After all, I am but a human - weak and vulnerable. But every time I think of what I've gone through and how far I have journeyed, I would smile for a second and think that life is just like that - full of surprises, a constant change. At the end, it is not what I feel that matters most but what I've learned and what I've done to make other people happy - to make life worth living.

I prove it, LIFE is one great "TRAVEL". Therefore, I am.