Much has been said about MINDANAOmy island home and the home of my ancestors. At one point, the sweeping generalization about this second largest island in the Philippines threatens tourism boost and economic progress of our lands. Enough, we cry! Mindanao is such a gigantic island endowed with the most beautiful things and amazing sights to see and experience in the country. Ask those who came, those who braved, and those who experienced Mindanao – they’ll all say; “It’s More Fun in Mindanao”.

COME TO MINDANAO. Experience the thrill and excitement exploring from highlands to islands. We are accessible whatever transportation mode you want to take. Cheap flights are easily accessed nowadays like Flight Network. And once you’ve touched the soil of Mindanao, relish a kind of travel you will surely remember for the rest of your life – its people, picturesque places, diverse culture, and proud heritage!

MINDANAO waits for you!

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Hello Olanology! Thanks for this great entry! Truly, I for one am from Mindanao, and its is truly a great place to visit. There are many areas of interest especially to those who love to travel. More power!

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