Globe announces winners of 2nd Davao Media Excellence Awards

                Leading telecommunications company Globe Telecom has announced the winners of the 2ndDavao Media Excellence Awards who have shown exemplary communication skills in bringing social issues to the attention of the public via print, broadcast, or digital media.


41entries nominated for Globe Davao Media Excellence Awards 2013

                Forty one out of 140 entries made it to the final nominations list of the Globe Davao Media Excellence Awards (DMEA) to be held on November 21, 2013 at Marco Polo Hotel Davao. The Awards pays tribute and gives recognition to print, broadcast, and digital media practitioners who have excelled in their respective fields.

“We are very happy over the great interest and overwhelming response to our call for entries. It was really a challenge doing the shortlist as there are so many of them that are worthy as finalists.  They are all deserving of an award,” said Globe Corporate Communications Head Yoly Crisanto.


One of famous landmarks of Malaysia is the PETRONAS TWIN TOWERS. And as always said, your trip to this beautiful rich country is never complete without marveling at this grand structure.

The Petronas Twin Towers are twin skyscrapers located in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. They were the tallest buildings in the world from 1998 to 2004 until surpassed by Taipei 101 but they remain the tallest twin building in the world.

Traveling Solo - Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia

This is where I am going later. 3 ASEAN countries for ten days! Excited! Will bring home with lots of travel photos and stories. Will be traveling overseas for the first time and the thought of it really makes me excited. :) See you tomorrow MALAYSIA-SINGAPORE-INDONESIA!

Join me as I take this journey! :)


The abundance of fresh fruits and colorful blooms all around Davao can only mean that the King of Festivals is just around the corner, and at Apo View Hotel, a festive line-up of promos, exhibits and events keep the spirit of Kadayawan very much alive.


This little soul is one of the survivors of Super Typhoon Pablo that had ravaged my hometown of Cateel and the lives of my townmates including this little beauty. Thousands of our people including this innocent child suffered not only the agonizing physical pain but such dreadful emotional and psychological distress that until now haunt them.

Her sorrowful experience dealing with this deadliest catastrophe will forever live in her memory but I pray, I sincerely pray that it will make her stronger and tougher to deal the many storms she will be facing in her lifetime.

God bless the children!

A World of Constant Change

I'm living in a world of constant change. There are ups and downs, high and low. I get hurt. I stumble and fall. Just like everyone, I feel so empty at times - it is the only thing that makes me cry. Dealing with it is dreadfully hard. After all, I am but a human - weak and vulnerable. But every time I think of what I've gone through and how far I have journeyed, I would smile for a second and think that life is just like that - full of surprises, a constant change. At the end, it is not what I feel that matters most but what I've learned and what I've done to make other people happy - to make life worth living.

I prove it, LIFE is one great "TRAVEL". Therefore, I am.


This islands along with the hundreds of islands that can be found in the Island Province of Dinagat are among the best island destinations in Mindanao that until now I still want to see and explore. These amazing province of natural wonders are blessed with pristine beaches, coves and islands that best describe the beauty that is - the Philippines. To many, Dinagat Island is a tourist destination to explore but to its people it is called it a “Mystical Island Province of Love”, a place of unexplored natural wonders love and protected by its people.



In my recent visit to my birthplace of Cateel this weekend for the Art Therapy Workshop, I was so privileged to be surrounded with these little souls of my hometown who will surely be future instruments of change in Cateel. These kids are survivors of the Super Typhoon Pablo that ravaged the whole town last December 4, 2012. Today, six months after it happened, these kids along with my townsfolk are slowly getting back and moving forward from the most horrific aftermath of the monstrous disaster. Despite what happened, they are all so hopeful of seeing a new CATEEL. Being with these kids made me feel like one of them - they brought out the CHILD in me! Thank you little ones! 

The recently concluded Art Therapy Workshop organized by the Pens of Hope in Davaand Help Cateel Movement with the Davao Bloggers Society.


Using art as a medium for expression to reduce stress and anxiety, the ART THERAPY WORKSHOP is conceptualized to relate to the participants' experience and current situation while dealing with the aftermath of Super Typhoon Pablo. It aims to help participants express their understandings, thoughts, confusions and dreams through illustrations, colors and performance art.


Much has been said about MINDANAOmy island home and the home of my ancestors. At one point, the sweeping generalization about this second largest island in the Philippines threatens tourism boost and economic progress of our lands. Enough, we cry! Mindanao is such a gigantic island endowed with the most beautiful things and amazing sights to see and experience in the country. Ask those who came, those who braved, and those who experienced Mindanao – they’ll all say; “It’s More Fun in Mindanao”.


Some may not know that Apo View Hotel is Davao City’s very first hotel and is the second longest running hotel in the Philippines.  It has been around since the late 40’s, and on March 23, this iconic local landmark will celebrate its 65th anniversary. 


This is SANTA FILOMENA beach. Probably, the most famous beach in my hometown of Cateel. Whether by day or night, people would flock here for a swim, or to unwind, or simply enjoy the fresh sea breeze. I used to frequent here to enjoy videoke singing at the top of my lungs with some friends and relatives whenever I was home for a visit. Lyra's Rendezvous and Tatay Opet's were our favorites places. These two including others brought life to this once-a-sleepy beach spot. Everybody loved SANTA FE.