As early as August 17 in the evening, the new stage is being built in front of Rizal Park stage in preparation for the Indak Indak sa Kadalanan and Floral Float Parade, two of the festival’s highlights slated this weekend.
Because of the new setup, a huge stage measuring 30x16 meters with a level of 3 feet, the capacity becomes limited around the performing and judging area.  Risers at 3 feet will be placed in strategic routes of parade where photographers and media can cover the activities freely.

“This is why we have to control the number of people who can get inside the judging arena in Rizal Park,” explains Festival Director Lisette Marques. “We cannot give access to all because one, we have to tighten security for the special guests onstage with the government officials.  Secondly, we have a limited capacity and we want to prioritize smooth coverage of the media.”
Preparation of the New Bigger Stage
Photo by Rhonson Ng
While media is given a free access sticker pass to get inside the barricaded area, a limited slot of 200 is given to the hobbyists and photographers at a cost of P500.00, with receipt issued by the Foundation. This is on a first come, first served basis. The cost has been going to the new stage and risers.
Maikee Aportadera, handling promotions under Duaw Dabaw Foundation, explains, “We are anticipating the surge of photographers flying in because of photo competitions, a photo congress, and coverage from outside Davao. As much as we would like to accommodate them all, we cannot compromise the performance area and the media coverage as TV networks will already be strategically positioning around the area.”
“With the new stage being built, there will be a crowd control problem if we do not regulate access. It has been the usual problem every year where harassment ensues among authorities and violators. We do not want that to happen this time. Anyway, photographers are free to roam around and find other strategic locations to shoot away from the judging area for free.” Aportadera added.
This new stage measures 30x16 meter with a level of 3 feet
Photo by Rhonson Ng
In a press conference with the photographer clubs and hobbyists earlier, there were favorable reviews among them as in the previous years they were constantly under attack from security who would take them away. With a valid access pass, they hope they will not be asked to leave this time. Festivals like Sinulog and Dinagyang have long been charging fees at a rate of P500-P1200 for years now.
The performers are expected to have a dry run on Friday so they can get to rehearse on the new stage.
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I always make it a point to try and check out any local festivals of a country I visit. It's a fun and easy way to get a grasp of the local culture.

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