An eco-friendly beach resort blessed with powdery white sands offering laid back beach life and fun filled Tropical Island escapade. This is how I define the MAREX BEACH RESORT – the second stop of OLANOLOGY'S Samal Island Ultimate Adventure participated by 20 equally thrill-seeking Bloggers and outdoor enthusiasts organized by yours truly in response to the "Visit Samal Island" summer campaign of the Island Garden City of Samal and the DOT-Region XI Office.
Marex Beach Resort is situated at Sitio Baybay in Barangay Tambo, 20 minutes drive from Babak District of the Island Garden City of Samal. It is five minutes away from the renowned Monfort Bat Cave


Did you know that the largest colony of fruit bats in the world is found in the Philippines? Yes! The Guinness World Record holder of such title is the MONFORT BAT CAVE located in the Island Garden City of Samal, an island city in the Province of Davao del Norte, Mindanao. This is the first stop of OLANOLOGY'S Samal Island Ultimate Adventure attended by 20 equally adventurous Bloggers and outdoors fanatics organized by yours truly in response to the "Visit Samal Island" summer campaign of the Island Garden City of Samal and the DOT-Region XI Office.
The Monfort Bat Cave also known as the Monfort Bat Cave and Conservation Foundation Park is a 24-hectare property owned by the Monfort Family located in Barangay Tambo, Babak District of the Island Garden City of Samal.


Officially, SUMMER 2011 is here! Undeniably, the most awaited and exciting season of the year where people flock to beaches, go on Island Hopping, trek on mountains, and discover exotic places of interests in the different parts of the country.
The Island Garden City of Samal is the most popular island destination here in Davao Region and probably one of the best in the whole Mindanao. So kicking off this hotta hotta season, OLANOLOGY: Chronicling A Good Voyage responded to DOT-Region XI and Samal Island's Summer Campaign - the VISIT SAMAL ISLAND by organizing "Samal Island Ultimate Adventure - From Islands To Highlands" where 7 of the must visited destinations in the Island were explored, experienced and enjoyed! A total of 21 adventurous bloggers and outdoor enthusiasts participated the event and braved the challenge of island hopping, waterfalls trekking and mountain climbing in these seven equally worth-the-visit places. These adventurous fellows each deserve a cool customized bobblehead for surviving the challenge.

T'DAAN KINI FALLS: Lake Sebu's Newest Attraction

If there is one thing cheerless to hear about the Seven falls of Lake Sebu, that is swimming and bathing is not allowed there. The water source of the Seven Falls comes from the three lakes of this town. These three lakes are the main sources of livelihood of the town – the tilapia culture. Numerous fish pens and fish cages are built everywhere and synthetic fish feeds are generally used for growing. Hence, for health reasons especially for the skin, swimming and bathing at the Seven Falls is not encouraged.
With that fact, the Lake SebuTourism Council opens the door to discover and experience yet another must-see natural attraction in the town, the T’daan Kini Falls.


LAKE SEBU in South Cotabato is a mixture of both well preserved culture and luxuriant nature, all at its finest. For that reason, Lake Sebu becomes SocCKSSarGen’s most preferred ideal escape for nature lovers, culture fanatics and outdoor aficionados. Who wouldn’t? With the three great lakes, verdant rainforests, abundant floras and faunas and other natural attractions, Lake Sebu is every nature lover's dream destination.
Among these natural wonders,  the now renowned Seven Waterfalls of Lake Sebu is considered the town's most important tourist spot attracting thousand of local tourists in the country. It is a perfect blend of both nature and adventure. With its fast rising fame, Lake Sebu has gradually turned into an adventure filled destination. And being there, I did not miss the chance of experiencing the thrill that has captivated the adventure spirit of the many.

LAKE SEBU: The Mystical Eden of South Cotabato

I had the great opportunity to be among the few invitees of the SoCCSKSargen Experience (SEX) Tour organized by the SoCCSKSargen Bloggers. The team is led by the award winning blogger Avel Manansala. SoCCSKSargen is comprised by four provinces and one component city in Mindanao namely South Cotabato, Cotabato (formerly known as North Cotabato), Sultan Kudarat, Saranggani and General Santos City. The SEX Tour aims to promote the beauty of SoCCSKSargen and help spread news about the many wonderful tourist attractions in the region. One of the most visited towns frequented by both local and foreign tourists in the Region is the mystical town of Lake Sebu located in the Province of South Cotabato. I would say, one of the best part of this event.
It was not my first time visiting Lake Sebu. I was there way back 2001. So this recent visit I had is my second after ten long years. I was very excited during the 2 hour travel from General Santos City to Lake Sebu. It’s like reuniting myself to a long lost friend after 10 long years. The greeneries of the countryside added drama to my travel. It was surreal.