“I'm going home to the place where I belong
where your love has always been enough for me
I'm running from you know I think
you got me all wrong
I don't regret this life I chose for me
But these places and th
ese faces are getting old
So I'm going home.”
I get emotional whenever I hear Chris Daughtry soulful rendition of his song “Home”. It reminded me literally of my hometown Cateel in the province Davao Oriental. Away from the city where I am now but remains so near in my heart! As a saying goes, there's no place like home, we always go back to our roots. Like those folks availing Cheap Holidays to Egypt just to be home, a home sweet home is incomparable. 

EPOL - The Lover's Delight

I would like to share one travel I had recently not really far from downtown Davao City that I find so amusing and undeniably worth to remember. The destination is EPOL in Marilog District along the Davao- Bukidnon Road.

I have been told about this place long before I had started traveling and going to different places. In short I have heard so much about it long before I started my quest "Chronicling A Good Voyage".

Back in my college days, my friends frequented a popular place they call Epol located in Marilog District. Who wouldn't, it is just an hour and a half  travel from downtown Davao. My college friends, especially those who are couple, loved to spend their weekends here. They said, it is a perfect place to commune with nature along with someone special. They said, EPOL is a "Lover's Delight". I don't ask why. I got load of invitations to visit the place but I always declined. I was never tempted to experience that "Lover's Delight" moment they were saying. EPOL, in spite of its proximity to the downtown city, remained a stranger to me not until my friends at RTours decided to visit the place.


Have you experienced wandering to a place you frequented so much yet you thought so dull and boring but never realized how amazing it was until somebody showed you its hidden splendor? I just had one. The most frequented place – the CITY OF TAGUM!
The City of Tagum, tagged as the Palm Tree Capital of the Philippines, is the Provincial Capital of the Province of Davao Del Norte.
I have been to the City of Tagum countless of times. It is one of the Bus Stop Towns when traveling from hometown Cateel, Davao Oriental to the sprawling City of Davao. But even if I've  been there for hundred times, I never had the chance to roam around then called Municipality of Tagum. Even the time that I became a Davao resident where Tagum is just an hour away, I never had the chance to explore the City. Honestly, I was thinking, Tagum City will forever be a Bus Stop Station from my hometown Cateel to Davao City. This has been my thought about Tagum City not until I was invited to participate the very 1st Tagum City Photo Safari.