"The heights charm us, but the steps do not; with the mountain in our view we love to walk the plains." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
Photo Courtesy of Roy Geonzon
Still fresh from a great weekend getaway at Gensan's Tuna Festival, another weekend after that was spent at the stunning highlands of Kapatagan in the City of Digos located at the Province of Davao Del Sur. This time, I was with my equally adventurous friends - the RTours.
Photo Courtesy of Joem Escovilla
It was late Saturday afternoon when we left Davao City from the Terminal. Good thing about it, there were total of 18 pairs of itchy feet in this trip. So instead of taking the bus ride, we hired a van that will take us straight to our destination in Kapatagan. Off we go and 2 hours later we safely arrived at our destination. It was my first time to visit the scenic Kapatagan. Honestly, while on our way to get there, I was hoping to see its beautiful landscape and the majestic Mount Apo while on board the van but to no avail. It was already dark since we started to ascend the main Kapatagan Road. Getting there, it was already one cold dark night.


From a funfilled first day of my Tuna Festival Experience, my second and final day at the City of the Generals was expected to be a bit hectic and awesomely surprising. HECTIC because I was the official judge of the Tuna Festival's Mardi Gras Street Dancing Competition performed in the morning and the afternoon; and SURPRISING because Avel Manansala told us he had prepared added surprises for us Bloggers from Davao. I was actually catching up a good sleep when my blogger roommates Jong Lim and Dr. Remo Aguilar woke me up to remind me that today was a big day. So, I hurriedly got up and readied myself for what was expected to be a long day.
Together with Avel Manansala, some SoCSKSarGen Bloggers, and my fellow Judges Lyle Santos, Brendel Balaga, Dulce Lada and Leah Valle, we headed to the Pioneer Avenue for the Mardi Gras Street Dancing Competition.