THE ENCHANTED RIVER: The Pride of Hinatuan

From Tinuy-an Falls of Bislig City, this blogger explored more the beauty of the Province of Surigao del Sur. Remarkably, it is bursting with great surprises for all outdoor enthusiasts like me. But amongst these surprises, the Enchanted River is the top of my list. Until now, it still amazes me.

The Enchanted River is hidden in Barangay Talisay, 30-45 minutes ride from the town proper of the Municipality of Hinatuan in the province of Surigao Del Sur.

Getting there, we passed through a lengthy narrow trail of thick foliage that led us to area that faces a mountain wall. Below that area, nestles incredibly blue water that at first glance looks like a reflection of the sky. But what’s so interesting is that the River is indeed blue in color.

Getting close to the River facing a mountainside of tropical forest, to the left, there is a tiny cavern with a very low hole where I had the chance to get inside. To the right, waters flow liberally through the abundant mangroves that goes straight to the Pacific Seas on the other side of the mountain – it is for this reason why the Enchanted River possesses a mysterious blue color that no river naturally have.

The Enchanted River is renowned to be so deep that divers have yet to explore what’s underneath and what’s beyond its unfathomable depth. More than anything else, it is the crystal clear waters of the River that seems to be so enchanting. The hue and transparent-like beauty charms one to take a quick dip but once you’re in the cool, clear waters, you don’t want to come out.

When I first heard the name Enchanted River, my first question was, “Why enchanted?”

According to local folks, the River is full of rich marine fishes of different varieties and of huge shapes swimming in the deep blue waters but no one is said to have ever caught one - not by hand or by spear. Hearsay has it; the River is guarded by spirits making it still a beautiful place until now.

The depth of the Enchanted River is said to unfathomable. No one has ever measured the accurate depth of the river that makes it so enchanting and profound to explain. I had the chance to take a glimpse of the underwater using goggle and my jaw dropped in awe as I saw something I’ve never seen in my whole life. I may sound weird but I think I’ve seen the real “ABYSS” in there. So spectacular. So amazing. So enchanting.

Exploring Enchanted River for me was a real new experience. There was a peaceful feeling as I dip myself in those cool waters of the river. I felt good and I felt so close to nature and its Creator. The beauty and the splendor of the Enchanted River are beyond my adjectives. Something I wish to describe more. But one thing for sure I know, it is indeed so enchanting. And I must say I am enchanted by the River.

Indeed, this is one of the places I would certainly go back and will never be tired of savoring its beauty and uniqueness. After all, it is an ENCHANTING RIVER.


The Municipality of Hinatuan can be reached by land from Davao City in an estimated 7 hours and from Bislig City in less than 2 hours.

TINUY-AN FALLS: The Niagara Falls of the Philippines

The heat of the Summer Sun is already here. Whether we like it or not, it comes earlier than expected. While many dislike the sweltering summer heat, the breezy summer days make me beam with joy. Why? Summer is the best time to visit and explore places of great interests. So, my first early summer destination is the Province of Surigao del Sur located on the Northeastern Coast of Mindanao facing the Pacific Ocean.First Destination: THE TINUY-AN FALLS.TINUY-AN FALLS is located at Barangay Borboanan in Bislig City. It is a magnificent white water curtain that flows in three marvelous levels. Approximately 180 feet high, this stunning beauty is hidden in a verdant protected forest and abundant wild foliage that from afar looks like a haven of gods where beauty of Mother Nature is at its finest.With a breathtaking width of 95 meters, it is said to be the widest waterfalls in the country, thus, touted as the Little Niagara Falls of the Philippines.Its majestic natural formation and its picture perfect beauty is one of its kinds. The centuries old amazing giant trees, bountiful varieties of ferns and vines in a thick rainforest that surround it give a spectacular view of a beautiful natural creation.It was actually raining when we get there. But it doesn’t stop us from exploring the majestic beauty of Tinuy-an Falls. There you can enjoy a refreshing shower massage under the falling waters of Tinuy-an Falls. There is also concrete stair leading to the second level. The stairs are concrete to give its visitor a safe and convenient way of exploring its beauty. The second level is perfect for swimming and bathing. And from there you can have a perfect view of the falls from top that will take your breath away.Going back to the first level, I went nearer to the falling water curtains and from there I felt the kisses of the mists that gently caressed my face. It was so soothing. I felt so good and started reliving memories I have had with my other waterfalls exploration. Nothing really beats the touch of nature.Before I took my last dip, I stood perfectly in front of this beauty and took a long meaningful stare at it. I closed my eyes and praised it. Worshiped and adored it. God! This is so majestic!Tinuy-an Falls is a must visit destination for every outdoor enthusiasts who love to see the beauty of nature at its peak.Getting there is very accessible. From Davao City, one can take bus ride going to Mangagoy in Bislig City that will take around 5 hours and from Mangagoy, another 1 hour ride going to Barangay Borboanan where Tinuy-an is conveniently located.EXPLORE THIS BEAUTY. There’s more to see.