Discovering Passig Islet

Hidden away from the clamoring sound of the Big City, a secret Islet kept by many from the crowd so hungry for beach escape was the recent beach destination I discovered last Sunday. The secret little islet is called PASSIG ISLET.

This “secret no more” beach haven lies at Sitio Bato in Santa Cruz, Davao Del Sur just so near to the City of Digos.

Passig Islet used to be a very tiny islet open to the public. It used to be a favorite beach hang-out of the local beach goers in the area. Soon after, the Provincial Government of Davao del Sur saw its eco-tourism potential that resulted to the allocation of funds in developing the Islet turning it into a stunning and relaxing resort with an astonishing ambience of tropical leisure.

Managed by the Provincial Tourism Office, the Islet is now known as the Passig Islet Aqua-Eco Park Resort. Today, it is one of the province’s pride and honor.

Getting to the Islet, I passed a newly constructed concrete foot bridge in the middle of the bushy mangroves. The walk on the bridge amidst these abundant mangroves gave me a sense of adventure feeling like I’m on an amazing race. At the foot of the bridge, there awaits several pump boats ready to take guests right to the Islet. The 5 minute boat ride to the islet was stunningly awesome giving me 360 degrees view of the sea, the islet and the mountains behind me.

Upon docking, I was so impressed with the tidy ambience and the heartfelt tranquility of the Islet. I felt so relaxed and comfortable. It seemed that the place is my sanctuary.

oing around the islet, everything is in place. From small cottages to its main function hall, everything seemed to be just right. The whole surrounding is so clean and well maintained. Tropical trees and palm trees were planted and fully manicured. Bathrooms and restrooms are clean and fresh waters are provided.

The Islet’s abundant white sand is not as refined as those of Boracay’s but its color gives the Islet a real tropical beach touch. The ocean surrounds it is clean and green. There were small fishes nearby.

The humidity of the air is just so right for a perfect beach getaway. In general, Passig Islet is one of the beach places I would recommend to my friends so worthy to spend time just lazing around and savoring its beauty. For that, I’ll be back there soon.