CARACOLES 2009: Sun Down to Sunrise Party Fiesta!

FROM the Island Garden City of Samal, the CARACOLES FESTIVAL came to the City of Davao last April 25-26, 2009.
CARACOLES or the Sun Down to Sunrise Festival is an annual spectacular event in the Islands of Samal to celebrate the marine wealth and aquatic riches of the Davao Gulf.Caracoles which literally mean "shell" has annually become popular event in the Islands of Samal and has attracted tourists and spectators in the Davao Region, thus, gaining its title as the Summer Festival of Shells.Just recently, the main organizers of Caracoles have decided and designed to make this Festival a mobile event giving neighboring cities and municipalities the opportunity to host the festive occasion, thus, giving more people the chance to learn, appreciate and care for the Davao Gulf. But of course, a great opportunity to attract tourism potentials is also expected.This year, Davao City proudly took part to host Caracoles 2009 signifying that the city is one of the finest places to spend the Sizzling Summer!The day-long event was held in Sta. Ana Wharf where the whole place was transformed to a festive and colorful venue. Festival props and decors of vivid hues were all over the place giving visitors the festive spirit and jovial mood.There were floating restaurant were visitors could dine, floating boutiques where guests could shop, and of course, the ever flowing food carts and food stalls lined up to give visitors choices and variety of delicacies to choose from.AND AT NIGHT, some the festival's highlights were featured and witnessed amazingly!BAILE DEL AÑO - a rhytmic, metrical and theatrical performances done on stage pedicting marine life preservation and environmental awareness.ESTRELLA DEL MAR - a parade of various sea creatures' costumes strictly designed using eco-friendly materials staged through appropriate creature's movement.
GLORIA MARIS - a parade of innovative apparels made by local artists with imaginary and artistic designs.ARTES CUERPOS - a parade of marine-life-themed human body painting artistically created, designed, painted by local artists.CARACOLES FESTIVAL: Sun Down to Sunrise Party Festival! Another great treat for the Sizzling Heat of Summer 2009!


Going to the beaches on Easter Sunday has traditionally become part of this season. As a matter of fact, Easter Sunday Beach become more popular now than the Easter Egg Hunting. People of all walks of life celebrate this Glorious Sunday with family and friends lounging, swimming and even just walking along the exfoliating sands of the beach.Together with my Dappled Mini Daschund Dog named DAPHNE along with my Mom and cousins, we headed to the GULF VIEW BEACH of Gulf View Executive Homes in Bago Aplaya, Davao City, 10 minute drive from my house.GULF VIEW BEACH is the very typical long stretch gray sand beaches of Davao. But unlike other gray sand beaches of the City, GULF VIEW BEACH is yet tidier than those of Toril and Times Beach. Being situated as part of the Gulf View Executive Homes,(Subdivision), the beach also serves a leisure area for residents residing in the village. But of course, non residents are most welcome providing them plenty of Open Cottages, Function Halls and Small Huts for Overnight Stay and other facilities that can somehow provide necessities and necessary comforts to the beach goers.
Evidently, this photo below shows that inspite of the beaches' simplicity, people do come, enjoy and savor the Easter Celebration with their family and friends.As for me and Daphne, this is just another fun day for a funny photo shoot. So, here we go...

At GULF VIEW BEACH, this typical group of youngters will treat your eyes with their energetic abrobatics performance just for the sake of audience share! Hahaha. It was real fun seeing them enjoying the afternon sun tumbling, dancing and flying at their best.
INDEED, Easter Sunday spent on the Beach, be it in the fabulous white sand beach or the plain gray sand beach, is not just a tradition need to be practiced for its sake but a great time, a very important time to be with family and friends enjoying the so called "Being Together" - just like me, my family and my favorite dog DAPHNE!

The Cold Mountain Breeze of Seagull Mountain Resort

The Sizzling Heat of the Summer Sun is undeniably here! Blazingly hot, flamingly burning and ceaselessly perspiring. But needless to say, nobody hates all the fun and pleasures carried through by the Summer Sun. Thus, welcoming Summer 2009 is just right, right? Welcoming it at your “coolest” way! Just like me, I just had literally the coolest welcome for the Summer 2009.

Yes, the fringin cold mountain breeze of Seagull Mountain Resort of Kitaotao, Bukidnon is my first official Summer Trip this year.

Seagull Mountain Resort is located along Davao-Bukidnon Road, better known as BUDA.

From Davao City passing through Calinan, the Davao-Bukidnon highway crosses the city's Marilog District then straddles a portion of Arakan Valley of North Cotabato. From there, it comes back again to Marilog district and then cuts through Lorega in Kitaotao, Bukidnon Province before it again returns to the Davao City territory, and finally, Quezon town again in Bukidnon.

Seagull Mountain Resort is part of the three Seagull Resorts owned by the Dureza’s. One Beach Resort in Davao, an Inland Resort in Digos, Davao Del Sur and this Mountain Resort in Bukidnon.

Seagull Mountain Resort is an ideal place for people who love serenity and tranquility. It is surrounded by lushes of pine trees and verdant foliage that spectacularly added magnificence and greenish beauty of whole vicinity. But of course, the sweet caressing mountain breeze of the place will be felt during the whole stay.

Staying for an overnight gives you an option to stay at the resort’s condo units, closed gazebos, white house, log cabins. For budget conscious, you may stay at their Camp Site without building your own tent.


As for me and my team, we stayed at the Log Cabin.


Personally, staying at Seagull Mountain Resort is like letting me feel the essence of being one with Nature. After the hard days work and busy City life, settling an overnight stay here is a luxurious treat.

Amazingly, it offers countless activities for trippers like me to have thrill, fun and excitement for the whole day. Here right at the vicinity of the Seagull Mountain Resort, you can do:

Viewing from the Hill Top

Trekking at the Waterfalls

Swimming at the Cold Spring Water Swimming Falls

Praying at the Our Lady of Manaog Chapel

Lounging at the Open Cottages

Golf Course

But of course among other things, Seagull Mountain Resort is just perfect for landscape and portrait photography. Just like me, a neophyte, I didn’t waste time trying to capture scenes and subjects just so right to be shot.

Seagull Mountain Resort – for me, the coolest welcome for SIZZLING HEAT OF SUMMER 2009.

More details of the resort you may visit at this link:

Reservations: (082) 300-9382