Hunting Chinese Cuisines

Food Hunter! That is what i call myself recently. Food hunting is what I do lately. I still do care about my weight but I too do care a lot about trying something new. Trying a different taste. This is time, a taste of Chinese Cuisines from AH LING CHINESE RESTAURANT.
A very mouth watering delectable

Align CenterBatchang is the Chinese version of Philippines Arroz de Valeciana. Batchang is made of Malagkit Rice, Chinese Soy Sauce & Oyster Sauce, Oyster Meat, Black Mushrooms, Steamed Peanuts and inside is a tender so yummy Pork Humba. This costs me only Php 50.00. Affordable yet very delectable.
A healthy taste of 12 pieces
This is the usual Chinese dumplings delicately made of pork and some Chinese herbs best for diet conscious freaks. But the best part is the Sauce. A taste I've never tasted before. Truly, not the usual Chinese food I ate Dumpling Diners.
THE PLACE One can say I’m at Little Hongkong but I’m just at the Chinatown of Davao City. Uyanguren!And inside is a just perfect place for this pose!