The Longest, Tallest, and Fastest Zip Line in Asia

Have you imagined yourself flying like Superman 250 feet high at the speed of 100 kph? Ask me, I just did it… courtesy of XCELERATOR!!!

The Xcelerator is said to be the longest, tallest, and fastest Zip Line in Asia. The zip line is estimated to be around one kilometer in length.

The Xcelerator is operated and managed by Outland Adventure. It’s located at Carlos P. Garcia Highway also known as Diversion Road in Ma-a, Davao City and just across the Gap Farm.

I used to have acrophobia before. So, going to higher places like this gives me a little apprehension. But “The Xcelerator Zipline” is all about conquering one’s fear. It’s about “Experiencing Some AtmosFEAR”. Like its infamous tagline: "Extreme Zip. Extreme Speed" - this was what I actually experienced.

Upon arrival, we headed right away to the registration booth, paid the Php 300.00 fee and signed our waiver. It’s a requisite. Activity orientation and safety measures were made. After such, we started wearing our zipline gears and started hiking up towards a 250-foot hill that served as the starting point of the zipline.

Going up, the trail was both tiresome and a lot of fun. Before reaching the hilltop, we had to cross Lake Laud.


Lake Laud a man made lake formed out of quarrying.

The hike going up was indeed tedious yet exciting. One needs enough energy and adequate strength to reach the top.


When we get there, the excitement right away began. I was the third one to “fly” in superman position.


Honestly, my adrenalin was real high. The feeling was beyond description. Beyond words. I was in euphoria.


I was yelling at the top of my lungs. I felt I was like a bird flying 250 feet high at 100 kph and estimated to be around one kilometer in length.


When I got to the end point, my vigor was still high. I was really feeling elated. It was extreme. I can’t imagine myself flying like that! Awesome! Indescribable!

True to its word, XCELERATOR is indeed Extreme Zip, Extreme Speed!

And I know, I’m going back there again!

Revisiting Gap Faming Orchard Resort

DAVAO CITY was once hailed as the Land of Promise. Do you know where it came from?

Having been raised in rural area of Cateel, going to the big city of Davao was something I always look forward to. Davao used to be a city blessed with simplicity and laid-back urban life before. Unlike today, Davao City takes its pride having numerous numbers of beautiful places, parks, plaza and recreational activities to go to.

During my grade school years, the summer months of April and May became much exciting because my parents would send me to Davao to spend my summer vacation. It was pretty exciting because I got to see big buildings, shopping centers (no malls at that time), parks, big bright streets lights and other amazing things my hometown didn’t have at that time. Feeling like a first timer at all times, spending summer in the Big City was certainly a whole lot fun.

But among these great escapades, there’s a place that until now I still come and visit to relive and reminisce my fondest childhood memories. The place is humbly called GAP FARMING ORCHARD RESORT or simply the GAP FARM.
GAP FARM was among the main tourist attractions of Davao City back in the 80’s and 90’s before the era of Davao’s new attraction like the Eagle’s Park, Crocodile Park, Inland and Mountain Resorts, Beach Resorts and People’s Park among others.

I remember its old Golden Years where excursions, family outings and school trips will not be complete with out going to the GAP Farm.
Entering the park, a huge figure of a farmer riding his carabao warmly greets its visitors to the little wonders of the park. Historical figures, parade of sculptured animals, parade of Philippines president busts, different tribes of Mindanao among others are things you’ll see in the place.

How can one forget Davao’s Famous Tagline - the “Land Of Promise”? This is used in many of Davao’s tourism and promotional video. It once became a city's landmark seen in various brochures and leaflets. "Land Of Promise" scene is captured right at the very heart of Gap Farm. Until now it exists! And yes, the city owed it at the GAP Farm!

And hola hola hola – the famous creature of them all - the one eyed giant monster name CYCLOP. It is confined in an aged tunnel built during Japanese occupation. I got goosebumps whenever i entered this creepy tunnel.

These are the SIMPLE BEAUTIES of Gap Farm that used to be one of the wonders of Davao. For me, though there are new parks built in the city and new state of the art places to explore, still it will always be nice to come back and savor the childish memories and experience once experienced in this lovely place.

GAP Farm’s "Golden Years" may have already ended but for people like me who grew up having beautiful connection with the place, its Golden Days will always be worth remembering for. Its Golden Days will always be in my heart. And for sure, I'll be visiting GAP Farm again... And again... And again...