Simple Beach Lounging At Toril

Having gone for quite some times to different fantabulous white sand beaches with Resorts equipped with state of the art facilities and first class services, my idea/thought for an ultimate perfect Beach Lounging has become this luxurious. But this thought has changed when I visited a Public Beach in Toril, Davao City.

TORIL is a semi-rural area in Davao City, about 30 minutes to an hour ride to downtown Davao. Situated along the coast of Davao Gulf, Toril Beaches have been one of the favorite beach spots of nearby locals looking for a thrifty and economical beach outing. No entrance fees. No corkage fees. Everything is free except for the few cottages for rent.
But the whole place offers only simple Grey/Black Sand Beaches. No white sand beaches. No crystal clear blue waters. No luxurious services and first class facilities.

Everything you’ll see is SIMPLICITY! Everything I saw is a plain simple beach life!

BUT what amazed me was the fact that at the back these simplicities and behind its plainness, I’d seen hundred of smiles and a bundle of joys in everyone’s faces enjoying the simplicity of the beach. For simple people with simple joy, this is their pleasure. It is where they find bliss.

Just like this group of young boys enjoying their greatest times.

I almost believed that this can be simple paradise for simple people looking for simple pleasure until i saw something that almost threw out my intestines.
This is a reality. Behind its beauty of simplicity lies a sad fact that needs attention. We all need to care for surroundings. Be it beaches or our own dwellings. If so, its simplicity becomes a luxury.

My Humble Abode

I am so fascinated with wood crafts these days that I wanted to fill my little abode with lots of beautifully carved furnitures. This has actually been what i always wanted to see in my little home. WOODCRAFTS!Today, my little neo-ethnic home looks like a mini showroom of different Narra Furnitures PROUDLY made in my hometown Cateel. The roots of this fascination trace back growing in our small town of Cateel where these beautiful masterpieces are sold extremely cheap. Back home, most of our furnitures and fixtures were made of Narra Lumber. Our old Spanish inspired Sala Set served as a beautiful welcome treat for our home guests. It was simple but undeniably classy. Our dividers, aparador, cabinets and console tables were just elegantly radiant. Every corner of our house were filled with Narra Furnitutres. But it was my Popo Mante's Narra Rocking Chair that was everyone's favorite. It was placed at the our old house balcony. I remembered how my cousins and I fought over at it. ‘Twas real fun. And the Narra Dining Table we had elegantly added sophistication to our simple meals. These were all pieces of furniture I dearly missed so much at home.

Now that I live here in the city for nearly a decade now, I come to know that those masterpieces are truly expensive. Owning one becomes already a luxury. Costly, expensive.

Though now these beauties are quite costly, it doesn’t stop me from getting one for myself. After saving few bucks, proudly I am able to buy beautiful pieces of furnitures I specially design for my little home. Simple yet elegant.

Today, I live with my childhood fascinations. Seeing it everyday reminds me of my home back in the province. Though I am away but having them in my abode makes feel closer to my hometown. By next week, my Narra Rocking Chair inspired from my Grandma's will be delivered. I'M EXCITED! Mmmmmmm... Looking forward for it now...