Guang Guang Mangrove Forest

Have you heard or seen a 21,000 hectare of protected mangrove forest were 18 of the rarest and endangered mangrove species in the Phillipines grow? Yes! The City of Mati boasts to be the home of these incredible spectacular trees and shrubs.

Mangroves (generally) are trees and shrubs that grow in saline coastal habitats in the tropics and subtropics. Meaning, it grow only in salty water. In the City of Mati, the sitio Guang Guang is where a 21,000 hectare of 18 variety of mangrove forest is located. This is protected by DENR and the Guang Guang locals.

This sanctuary is known as Guang-Guang Mangrove Park. For DENR, it is called as Guang Guang Marine and Research Center where it also turns into a nesting sanctuary of sea turtles (pawikan). It is also astonishing to note that at some point, one could catch a good view of migratory birds flocking at one place. Looking at it from afar was truly spectacular.

I have seen beautiful mangrove forests from my previous travels and even in my hometown but Guang Guang Mangrove Park is certainly unique and incomparable.

My friends and I didn’t waste time taking pictures at the place. Wendel even said he had to capture the chance because he may not be able to see such a spectacular view again. Phillip on the other hand tried to study every inch of these amazing trees. Amazed and mesmerized. Luckily, he brought his binoculars with him to take a closer view of these vast reserves.

For Maricar and myself, Guang Guang Mangrove Park can be a whole lot fun for a different taste of candid pictorials… And so… Here’s what we got…We spent an hour in the place. Savoring the moment of being there was a rare experience. The four of us indeed concluded that this Park should be protected, nurtured and preserved.

So, when in Mati, never leave without visiting Guang Guang Mangrove Park. Truly, a rare pride of Mati.

DAHICAN BEACH: Embracing its Charm of Tranquility

For individuals like me who are fascinated with BEACH LIFE, the City of Mati is the ideal place to be. This newly established city is blessed with beautiful beaches boasting a lengthy stretch of refined white sand and tempting sparkling blue-greenish water. And one of these eye-catching beach havens is the beautiful Dahican Beach.Upon arrivals, my friends and I headed immediately to Mati’s newly constructed Public Market. We were amazed because the place was well structured and awfully clean. After purchasing our foodstuffs, we excitedly headed to Botona Beach Resort located at the very heart of Dahican Beach.
Crystal clear water, white Palm Beach and a tranquil coast: these are what we experience and see when we first set our feet at Dahican Beach.Dahican lies along the seas of the mighty Pacific Ocean. One can catch mighty waves just so ideal for a great thrill for surfer, windsurfers and skimboarders.Dahican Beach’s serene and tranquil shores make it a great escape from strenuous busy life. Its old fashioned way of beach lounging made it become more relaxing and comforting. No parties, not crowded, simple beach life.
For friends like ours who enjoy taking vivid snapshots at the Beach, Dahican is simply irresistible. You can do whatever you want. Just like what we amusingly and humorously did.But of course, who can’t say no to the calling of its waters? LOL! It was enticing. Wet on the beach, just perfect for a great pose!
Explore Dahican and embrace its charm of tranquility! Find out what’s more to expreince. More to see and more to enjoy. FOR US, it was a worthy beach adventure.
NEXT POST: Guang Guang Mangrove Forest featuring Phillip of Pilimon's Adventures...

A Welcome View fromThe Sleeping Dinosaur

After the long week of hectic schedules from hard days work, my 3 friends and I have settled to finally push through our long delayed Mati Beach Adventures last weekend. Philip, Wendel, Maricar and I were thrilled about the travel to the City of Mati for it is renowned for its long stretch of white sand and beautiful Beach Bay Resorts.

Being a native of Davao Oriental and having gone to Mati for a number of times, I served as the group's tourist guide. The scenic 3 hours car ride courtesy of my buddy Phillip was great. Our first stop was picturesque view of the The Sleeping Dinosaur and serene scenery of Pujada Bay.
The Sleeping Dinosaur is one of the key attractions of this new established City.
It an island nestled along Pujada Bay that resembles like a submerged sleeping dinosaur. The beauty of such is visibly seen upon passing the 8 kilometer Badas Zigzag Road.
The Sleeping Dinosaur is greatly admired. Tourists and alike especially those first timers like my friend Maricar really take time to drop by, take a wonderful view and savor its wonder. Looking from atop, all of us were enthralled by its magic and beauty. Thus, making it a perfect stop for a picture-perfect shoot.
Since the four of us are among the snapshot fanatics. We didn’t miss the chance taking a vivid pose with a stunning backdrop view of this gigantic creation.
Truly, the Sleeping Dinosaur is Mati’s pride that serves as a primary welcome treat to its excited visitors greeting one a happy and pleasurable trip and adventure!

NEXT POST: Masao Beach Resorts, Mati, Davao Oriental!

Exploring the City of Mati

City of Mati in Davao Oriental was my Voyage Stop last weekend. The City of Mati is 165.6 kms. from Davao City. It is the capital town of Davao Oriental. I've been to this little new city for several times now. But it seems to me that there are more things to discover here every visit I've made. More things to experience. And more reasons to come back. Maybe, the City and its rich beauty is just so enchanting that every year I long to visit and savor its splendor.

Thus, the next few posts will feature my Voyage along with my friends to the City of Mati. Being there last weekend, i realize that there are more to explore. More to tell. More to share. And MOST OF ALL, more to blog about it! LOL!

Here's a little peek to this Voyage!:

DAHICAN BEACH - famous for its long stretch of white sand and its clean crystal clear blue-green waters facing the mighty Pacific Ocean. It is undeniably a perfect beach enticing adventurous people like me to experience a great thrill of skimboarding and kayaking.
CINCO MASAO BEACH RESORT - is approximately 18 km from Mati Poblacion located at Sitio Dita, Barangay Bobon. It is resting stop overlooking Pujada Bay and is being secured w/ the railing that enhances the ambience of the beach.

Gregorio-Dita White Sand Beach Resort - situated beside Cinco-Masao Beach Resort and home of Philippine Tarsier locally known as "Mago". One can see this Nocturnal creature face to face in captivity.
BOTONA BEACH RESORT - Lies along the 7 kilometers stretch of the famous Dahican white sand beach. This 2 hectares fully fenced beach resort in Purok Maribujok, Dahican houses two (2) units European inspired rest houses where one can feel the comfort of home equipped with air-conditioned rooms with toilet and home entertainment facility.
THE SLEEPING DINOSUAR - This natural attraction is approximately 579 hectares located at Sitio Baso of Barangay Badas.It is visible upon passing the eight (8) kilometers winding roads of Badas going to Mati from Davao City.
GUANG GUANG MANGROVE PARK & NURSERY - The joint project of Guang-Guang Community and the DENR, serving as the habitat of Marine lives. This is a vast magrove forest of different mangrove trees of different varieties that provides a good spawning grounds for marine lives.
These are among the few attractions me and my friends experience in this Charming City. But actually, it has more to offer and more to see!!!next posts will be more on Mati Adventures.

Pantukan: Home of Arancon Beach Resort

Have you seen a beach resort in a mangrove swamp? Me? Yes, I do!

On our way back to Davao from our One Fine Roadtrip Day, the town of Pantukan, Compostela Valley invited us to experience a hidden resort that nestled in an amazing mangrove swamp. The signage going to the place was just too tiny to be noticed but the place offered us a different sight of a hidden paradise situated in a little swampy mangrove forest.

These mangroves definitely added beauty to the place. It made the place calm and serene. I felt it was like a solace for a weary heart. So calm and so tender. I remember the words i said when i stepped on its white sand. I said: "Nature, after all, are all beauties in different shapes, structures and places. So many beautiful words to describe! Just stunning!"

These mangroves (generally) are trees and shrubs that grow in saline coastal habitats in the tropics and subtropics. These trees grow only in salty water.
My friends and I enjoyed the whole Roadtrip. The sidetrip visit to Arancon Beach Resort was the highlight of the trip. Moreso, of course the place is the ideal venue for a great photo shoot. Different poses and different angles. One has to perfect the art of picture-perfect because the place itself is a picture-perfect!

Maricar climbed a huge old magrove tree trying to project a perfect pose. Anna felt it was where she belonged. She seemed to be at home. Wendel just wanted not to miss the perfect view of the old huts behind him. Philip was awed by the scenic view making them all the ideal place to his signature smile.

And this blogger on the other hand can't simply resist the calling of this gigantic roots that looked like beautiful art of nature.

Generally, the road trip was truly a great getaway. And the Arancon Beach Resort is simply an irresistible place to explore and savor a different kind of beach experience.

One Fine Roadtrip Day

"Holiday Economics" of President GMA is something i always look forward to. This is about moving the actual holiday to Friday or to Monday if these holidays falls on the weekdays. This was put into law to boost domestic tourism and encourage more quality time among Filipino families and even friends. This blogger finds this system effective and surely beneficial.

When Independence Day Holiday (June 12) was moved to June 9, my friends and I excitedly planned for a Roadtrip. We called it One Fine Roadtrip. A road trip going to different towns, places, resorts, beaches and parks from the City of Davao to the Municipality of Lupon, Davao Oriental passing through the towns of Carmen, Panabo, Tagum, Maco, Mabini, Pantukan and Banaybanay.

The weather that day was indeed fine! The humid was just perfect. Our first stop was Madaum, part of Tagum City. We visited Lanikai (lighthouse) and the Barret Beach Resort. I haven't heard of these places only until i had visited them.

Our next stop was the town of Pantukan, a first class municipality of Compostela Valley. We stopped at Lawigan Beach Resort, Magnaga Beach Resort and Welborn Beach Resort. (pictures below)

Next stop was the Banaybanay, Davao Oriental, famous for its Banaybanay Rice. On our way, we stopped at Mary's Woods. A grotto atop a small hill. At the back of grotto was narrow plain that serve as a viewing deck overlooking the calm and serene beauty of the town's Bay. From atop, the water was really clear. We even saw corals from where we stood. It was beautiful. (pictures below)

The last stop was the Municipality of Lupon, Davao Oriental. It was around 2 pm when we got there and our little tummy was already complaining. Phillip was not a stranger to the place. Hence, brought us to a small beach resort in Lupon where we feasted on our "baon" from Ann's post bday celeb and pancit.

After lunch, we had a quick tour around the town. On our way back, we stopped at the highway where a beautiful place for picture taking was just perfect. Take a look at these.

Creating the illusions of Rock Climbing (mga ilusyonados/ilusyonadas! hahaha!)

After a while, we headed to Arancon Beach Resort. A one of a kind resort that awed us all. Different from what I've been to before. And it all seemed to us that it became the highlight of our One Fine Roadtrip Day. Why? The next post will answer.


For more pictures, please click this LINK.