Love Is In The Air

TODAY is the first day of FEBRUARY... The LOVE MONTH. The month dedicated to St. Valentine. The month where cherubim with a bow and arrow named CUPID is all over malls and restaurants. The lone month all lovers and alike look forward to. February... February... February... Hmmmm... There are bright RED colors all over places. There's big red heart, red roses, red dresses, red cakes, red wine. All things in red. But what are these for? For some, they call it CELEBRATION OF LOVE on Valentines Day.

For me, February is something i look forward to for two reasons. First, it's Valentines Day. Again, LOVE is on the air. And second, it's my Valentine Birthday. Yes, I'm a pure blooded Valentino Boy. A lover boy. A man of hearts. Even back my younger years, I'm always excited about my Valentine Birthday because i feel like everyone is celebrating it. They're celebrating it with me. It feels great to see that friends - most of them are in relationship choose to spend their Valentine Night with me together with their partner than going out on a Valentine date. A couple friends of mine were asked why they chose to come to my party rather than going out on a date, they simply said: "mas makakatipid at mas maraming pagkain, mabubusog ng todo". Hahaha.

But what excites me most is the fact that I'll celebrate my Valentine Birthday with my love-one. Oh, i remember last year. The two-dozen bouquet of red roses. The concert ticket for two at Lea Salonga's concerts. Ahhhhhhhh. It really feels great to be loved. And alas, the foods were great. It was tremendously awesome. And the night ended with a great passionate love. I feel so blessed.

Ahhhhhhhhhh.... My Valentine Birthday 2008 will be in two weeks now. Can't wait to see what's in stored for me.


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