Forever Is What You Meant To Me

TO YOU: My Forever

"People asked me how i met you and i told them i met you in a world especially created for just the two of us. They asked me how and i told them that FATE brought me to you. The continued asking me how did we fall for each other. I told them that we fell in love because we have a story. A rare different story. A story about serendipity. They commented: everybody has story but i told there were beautiful love stories BUT for us, ours is great and we fell in love because we have a great love story long before it is told. And they asked me again how long shall we last and i asked them back: "Is there a word superlative than FOREVER?" They said none. And i finally told them... we will be together till time with out end. We'll be together in a world called FOREVER. Because you are my FOREVER... "

Babe, its cliche to say but really its true, it's been a long and winding journey but i'm we're finally here in the world we created called LOVE. So today, i take another journey with you. A journey that leads to FOREVER. Every road i take, every endeavor i'll pursue, every moment i shall encounter, every triumph i shall savor and even every defeat i shall battle, a part of it will always be you. Because i have journeyed so long to fianlly meet you.

I have past so do you but bear in mind that part of it had been made in order for me to be better before meeting you. I have outgrown from my childish desire and wishes. I have come out from my cocoon and become mature to finally face you. I have become better and strong so now that i have you, i would know how to make you mine forever.

I have travelled so much in finding you. I have battled so many pains. I wept a thousand times. I cried over my tormented heart. I lamented over my wasted time. I have asked myslef so many times when shall i see you, when shall i finally meet you and when shall i be in your arms. I got exhausted and tired of waiting. It even came to a point that I lost hope. But now, all hopes and dreams have come true.

Babe, now I'm HOME. I'm home with you. You're my home. My Love and My Soul.

I'LL TAKE CARE OF THIS LOVE. I'll take care of you as you have taken care of me. I used not to believe in fate. BUT later it became my friend. As it brought me to you... It led me to my Destiny...


thank you BABY... thank you for coming... all the days and nights we both now shared will always be cherished... for you're the most cherished gift i ever recieve... Thank you.


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