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I am not a techie-type guy. I don't fascinate myself with gadgets, updated technologies and the"ins" of the modern day. BUT what brings me here?

Have you tried keeping diaries before?

I used to make diaries before. Even back in high school. I wrote everything that i think of. I wrote things that i see and appreciate. I wrote things that make me happy and even things that make me sad. It was where i found my solace. Writing was my escape. It made better. I poured everything what's inside me. Way back 1996, around twelve years ago, I was 17 years old then, I owned a simple notebook that served as my diary. I named it PETER PAN. Peter Pan was my very best friend. He knew everything about me.

BUT PETER PAN IS GONE NOW. PETER PAN is now a memory. It is closed now. No more single leaf to write on. No more ink to waste. BUT MY QUEST OF DOCUMENTING EVERY SINGLE DETAILS OF MY JOURNEY LIVES ON. Thanks to the new technology bringing this Saga of Online Diary called BLOGGING.


Continuing writing my humble journey. My voyage. The learnings I got. The lessons learned from
relationship, love, friendship, family and significant others.

So, why am i Blogging? Simply because i have a story to tell.

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